Gingerbread House, Gallery Day and Lights

1. We always try to have a Gallery Day when visiting family in London and on our way to the Royal Academy stopped for a coffee and a croissant in the Cafe Concerto where this beautiful Gingerbread house was the centrepiece of the shop window.

2. The exhibitions at the Royal Academy were so contrasting today. We started with a major retrospective of Anselm Keifer which was breathtaking. The works were huge and very disturbing in their subject matter, one from the attic series has stayed lodged in my mind. Sadly, photography was not allowed but you could look him up. The other exhibition was of the portraits of Giovanni Battista Moroni, a sixteenth century Italian artist whose paintings were incredibly beautiful. The way fabric on clothes flowed, the detail of the jewellery, the expressions on the faces were mesmerising and the way he painted hands, always holding something or marking a place in a book being read just caught my imagination. I loved especially the painting of The Widower with his hands around the shoulders of his two young daughters. there’s a story to be told there, I feel…….



3 The lights in Old Bond Street were peacocks and gorgeous. I was sorry we weren’t there late enough to see them in the dark.


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Flowers, Goodbyes and Hellos

1. In their garden in Norfolk are some enormous quirky flowers which brighten up every day.

2. We have had a glorious few days with family in Norfolk. Grand-baby B is at that wonderful stage of learning words every day, of copying everything said to her and taking great delight in delighting us with her achievements.
3. We arrived in London in time to pick up two more of our Grandchildren from school and it was so lovely to see their grins as they realised who was picking them up today! They took great pleasure in showing us the way to their new home that they moved to only a few weeks ago and then showing us around. “We’ve got stairs too now, Granny!”


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Smallest Pub, Swings and Cakes

1 The smallest pub in the country is in Bury St Edmunds. It’s called The Nutshell.

2. We spent a happy hour in the park in Abbey Gardens in Bury with Grand-baby B playing on the swings and the slides. Happiness is spending time with one’s Grandchildren. Just complete joy in fact!

3. There was a cake shop that was just too tempting! I bought four for our supper tonight! I loved how they were so carefully wrapped and tied up, just like in a French patisserie.



Investigation, Fungi and Spinning Jenny

1. We had a delightful walk in the woods with Grand-baby B today. I love how little people want to investigate everything around them

2. There were all manner of fungi in the woods.

20141117-204049.jpg A Russula perhaps.

3. A Spinning Jenny has been caught in a fir tree branch.



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Leaf Colour, Puddle Happy and Tree Colour

1. Despite the misty drive all the way and it being the middle of November, the trees were stll glorious in their Autumn hues lighting up the whole route.

2. Grand-baby B loved her walk in the rain, splashing in every available puddle. She has grown so much since we last saw her, running, jumping, laughing her way through the muddy puddles.

3. I love the colours where a branch has been cut from a Western Red Cedar.



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Beetle With Bike, Birds and Double Bass

1. Driving to Norfolk today we passed a lovely black VW Beetle ( my favourite car – mine is duck egg blue) with a bicycle on the back. Oh, yes!

2. The mist covered each valley and when we stopped to change drivers, I caught some black birds in a misty tree.

3. We took a break in John Lewis in Bristol but it was totally packed! There was a three piece band playing as we arrived but they were due for a break. I love the scroll at the top of this resting instrument.



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Bright Lights, Use This Day Well and A Rainy Day

1   It is such a grey day today so I thought some crazy bright lights might be just the thing. I took this photo in the middle of the night as we were landing in Los Angeles on our way from Maui, Hawaii to Atlanta, Georgia.

Los Angeles airport

Los Angeles airport

2   I love this way of reminding us to use our time on this beautiful planet the best we can.

Use your day well

Use your day well

3    Day 4 of the black and white photo challenge – through a rain-lashed window to a palm tree on the side of the Penryn River, where for the first time ever, I saw white topped waves. Click on the photo and zoom in and you can see the waves on this usually calm river.

Through a rainy window to the Penryn River

Through a rainy window to the Penryn River

Choc Chip Uru posted my Guest Post for Sticky Tangerine Cake today. Thank you and all the best with those Uni exams!


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