Golden Hour, Shakespeare’s Birthday and Suffragette Garden

1    It’s lovely that the days are so much longer and that we now get the evening sunshine across the back garden. This was truly a golden hour.



2    Today is Shakespeare’s Birthday and also the date of his death. He was born in 1564 and died in 1616 so all those wonderful plays and poems were written by the time he reached 52!  The Globe Theatre in London have made this delicious looking cake in his honour.

Globe cake by Shakespeare's Globe

Globe cake by Shakespeare’s Globe

3   My Suffragette garden, planted in purple, white and green to honour the Suffragettes, especially my Great Granny who was imprisoned in Holloway for her actions, is looking beautiful at the moment as the purple tulips are joining the white ones.



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Walk to St Euny Church

The sun came out this afternoon so, to build my strength back up, we went for a short walk along to St Euny Church. There we discovered that the Redruth Team Ministry have been very busy and have put up some fascinating information boards about the history of the Church and the local area. Do click on the board in the gallery and read about trepanning by highly skilled local surgeons in the late 1700′s and the miners who walked home after such a traumatic experience!
The Primroses, Wild Garlic and the Bluebells were all in flower as were the Cherry tree and many Azaleas. It was a beautiful stroll and I feel the better for it.   On the way up the lane, we spotted a delightful summer house through the hedge where a tree has been cut down since we were last there.   Click on any photo for an enlargement.

Just published another poem in the Poetry section,’ Just The Intensive Care Baby Unit’



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Magnolias, Rhododendrons and Azaleas

A good friend told us of the glory of a nearby garden and last Saturday we took our visiting Grandchildren for an adventure along the paths, by the pond and through the bamboo groves all the while surrounded by the amazingly beautiful display of blossom on the Magnolia trees, the Rhododendrons and the Azaleas. Click on any photo for an enlargement and if you are local to me, go along to Burncoose Nurseries, on the Redruth to Falmouth road  and visit their spectacular garden.


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Silver Linings and Special People

Ever the optimist and one to look for silver linings, the best thing about being ill for rather too many weeks has been the time I have had to knit! I have completed four meters of knitting for Wool Against Weapons and I have just started my fifth. At least I feel that I am achieving something positive!  The pieces are all supposed to be in pink but one or two rogue pieces have been sent in so my rogue piece is special. It is in the Suffragette colours of purple, white and green in honour of all the strong women (including my own Great Granny) who fought for our right to vote. The women, and some men, who are knitting for peace are fighting in their own way and I am proud to be one of them!
You could read the real Diary of an Imprisoned Suffragette here in my other blog if you’d like to know more about what these brave women went through to win the right to vote.

Four pieces for wool Against Weapons

Four pieces for wool Against Weapons

We have had our second daughter and family here for the last week and they have been brilliant, both KJ and L, our lovely son-in-law, taking over the cooking of all meals. We have eaten well! The Grandchildren have, of course, been a tonic with their laughter and hugs.





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Weekly Photo Challenge – On Top

On our Ramblers’ holiday in Morocco some years ago we saw many storks in their remarkable nests on top of columns or chimneys or telegraph poles.

Stork on nest on top of column

Stork on nest on top of column

We also climbed in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains where we were the ones on top looking over the city.

Walkers on top

Walkers on top looking down

To see more in this Challenge, click on this link.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Monument

This photo was taken by Mr S on his sail from Dartmouth to Falmouth last week. I wish I could have seen it but this is the next best thing!  Click here if you would like to know more about it.

The Eddystone Lighthouse

For others in this Challenge, click here.

Thank you to everyone who has sent such lovely messages while I’ve been away. I am ‘bettering’ as my Granny used to say. I think the pneumonia is beaten. Now I just have to get strong and find my beans again! Usually I’m so full of them!



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Skippalong, Sandcastle and Chocolates

1 Our boat (what a thrill writing that gives me!) had to be moved from the marina to its own mooring today.




2 While I waited on the Flushing side for the lovely Mr Smith to come in after mooring the boat, I watched children making a sandcastle and playing in the water. The warmth was lovely to experience.



3 Someone sent us a box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat today! What a treat! Thank you!

Very special chocolates

Very special chocolates

I have been battling a chest infection for nearly six weeks and today, while I was waiting in Flushing, I had a phone call from my Doctor to say that the x-ray shows I have pneumonia and must rest. Reluctantly, I am going to take a week off blogging and really, really rest. I will be back very soon with beautiful things for you to enjoy!


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