October 2014…

… has been a month of family visits and adventures, from Atlanta to Los Angeles to Hawai’i Big Island, thence to Maui and back to Atlanta taking in art galleries and street art, cityscapes and suburbs, volcanoes and waterfalls, rain-forests and beaches, sunsets and a sunrise, excellent eating from picnics and eating out American breakfasts to a special early Thanksgiving dinner and, the best of all, all this in the company of much loved family who live so far away from us.
Join us on our journey through the following galleries, click on any photo for detail and enjoy the trip! There was so much in the way of glorious flora and fauna that they deserve a post of their own.

Cityscapes and suburbs

There will have to be another post to cover everything but here is a glimpse of an American Hallowe’en where almost every house and garden is decorated, some really elaborately.

More tomorrow……


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Morning Glory, Kanoko Ami Pants and A Unicorn

1. A vine of Morning Glory climbs around the front porch of my brother and sister-in-law’s home in Atlanta giving just a few beautiful blooms each day.

2. Our nephew and his partner in Washington just became parents to a beautiful baby boy ( Congratulations to you both) so I have knitted a pair of tiny pants for him and managed to get them in the post before we leave USA.

3. Yesterday we went to the glorious Atlanta Botanical Garden where there are living sculptures of creatures all made in growing plants. Suzanne, this lovely Unicorn is for you!



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October 2013

We’re looking forward to being able to walk by the sea again on Porthtowan Beach as we did last year at this time.

Oct 2013 Porthtowan

Oct 2013 Porthtowan


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October 2012

Here are some Autumn fruits in the bowl looking just beautiful. Russet apples are my favourites and their season is so short.

Fruit bowl October 2012

Fruit bowl October 2012



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Last Few Hours in Paradise

This is where we are spending our last afternoon on Maui, in the lush back garden of Pineapple Inn, by the pool and in a warm breeze!




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October 2011

We were in the ┬áSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art when we got the phone call to tell us that my dear, dear friend Kath, in whose name I started this blog, had died. She would have loved the philosophy in this piece of artwork. Kath was one of the world’s beautiful people – always kind, always cheerful, always loving and concerned for the welfare of others above herself. We laughed and cried and put the world to rights together and I miss her.

Oct 2011 in an Art gallery in San Fransisco

Oct 2011 in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Dieter Rams


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Beach, Butterfly and Sunset

1. We spent the morning on Oneloa, Big Beach, at Makena and loved the colours, people watching and just sitting under the umbrella in the warmth.

2. Beautiful yellow butterflies fluttered by on their way to the purple flowers behind us. There were dragonflies too but I couldn’t catch one on camera

3 To round off a beautiful day there was a lovely sunset off South Kihei.



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